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4th Grade - (Kita Dalet) כיתה ד


1. November 29, 1947: The Story of a Vote

3. Who voted in favor of the UN's partition plan?

2. UN VOTE 1947

Helpful resource for your projects & great info about Israeli leaders.


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Jerusalem of Gold Song

MUSEUMS Visit virtual museums and post blog reflections or go on a virtual scavenger hunt. Several Israeli museums offer “virtual” experiences through Google Arts and Culture including:
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RECOMMENDED ACTIVITIES פְּעִילוּיוֹת מוּמְלָצוֹת


7min 17sec A film by Erez Tadmor and Guy Nattiv
A short story of two strangers meeting in an underground train, not knowing that something stranger is coming their way. The entire story is told through silence, eye contact, and symbols.
The filmmakers have gone on to create feature films together and apart, such as A Matter of Size and The Magic Man. Guy Nattiv won the 2019 Oscar for the short film Skin. 
Grade Level
4th grade and up
Themes & Values
Israeli-Arab coexistence, Shared destiny, Anti-semitism, White supremacy, Identity.
Answer these Questions
• Which elements define the identity of each of the characters?
• How and why does the relationship between the two strangers develop? 
• Which cinematic tools did the filmmakers use to build a sense of tension and danger? (i.e., camera angles, editing, music)
• The two main characters hold (or wear) objects that point to their identity. What are these objects? Do you have or wear something that points to your identity? And if so, what is it and why do you have it?
• Although the location of the underground train seems to be Paris (the station that is announced is “Hotel de Ville”), it was actually filmed on the Carmelit, an underground funicular railway, in Haifa. Haifa is a mixed Arab-Jewish city. Does this fact offer additional meaning to the film? 


Yom Haatzmaut


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